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Certified Recognition bestowed upon Western Pacific Truck School and its thirty-plus years of safety, professionalism and driver training success by the California State Senate and the California 285_certAssembly.

These Trucking Companies are a few of the National-Trucking companies which hire Western Pacific Truck School’s graduates and represent decades of working with us to put the best trained and safest drivers on our roads.

Werner Enterprises:

“A large part of our continued growth and success comes from hiring some of the best trained drivers available today. I find these drivers at Western Pacific Truck School. The training at Western Pacific Truck School is among the finest for entry level drivers to prepare for their careers with Werner Enterprises. We highly recommend any of the Western Pacific Truck School locations.”

Gordon Trucking, Inc.:
“We’re pleased with the entry-level Truck Drivers we recruit from Western Pacific Truck School. Their graduates meet our company’s high standards and we recognize Western Pacific Truck School as a first class truck driving school.”

Trans-System, Inc.:
“The quality of Western Pacific’s students has set the standard for entry-level drivers. We are glad to be in partnership with your school. Taking pride in our business does not come overnight. Building team relationships begins here, one driver at a time.”

All-American Truck Driving School Guide:
EDITORS PICK “Operated by Nordic Enterprises, Western Pacific has been training drivers for many years, and is committed to producing quality graduates. There are several Western Pacific locations in California and Washington. The company has received the CaliforniaTrucking Association’s Fleet Safety Award, and has successfully graduated over 20,000 drivers since its founding in 1977. The school takes pride in its experienced instructors, late model equipment and a great network of hiring employers. This school runs a professional training program that deserves consideration.”